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Most Viewed Issues
1.State of California Public Works Board - Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds Series G,H & I(3)
2.Joplin - Certificates of Participation(3)
3.District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority - Public Utility Subordinate Lien Revenue Refunding Bonds 2014C(1)
4.City of Cleveland - Public Power System Taxable Revenue Refunding Bonds(1)
5.Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Transportation Revenue Bonds 2014D(1)
Top Issuers
Issue Size ($/000's) Issuer State Sale Date
$1,380,000 New York Liberty Development Corp NY 10/28/2014
$500,000 Metropolitan Transportation Authority NY 10/22/2014
$368,070 District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority DC 10/22/2014
$350,000 California Earthquake Authority CA 10/28/2014
$305,865 State of Delaware DE 10/20/2014
$280,000 State of California Public Works Board CA 11/6/2014
$253,270 Casino Reinvestment Development Authotiy NJ 10/21/2014
Top States (by $ Volume)
State Total Par No. of Issues
NY $1,880,000,000 2
CA $728,025,000 4
DC $368,070,000 1
DE $305,865,000 1
NJ $253,270,000 1
MD $249,315,000 1
WA $181,000,000 1
IN $131,015,000 1
AK $130,475,000 1
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