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Most Viewed Issues
1.Avon Grove School District - Chester County, General Obligaton Bonds, Series Of 2014 **********Bank Qualified********* (2)
2.Pennsbury School District - Bucks County, **********Bank Qualified********** (2)
3.South Western School District - York County, General Obligation Bonds, Series Of 2014 **********Bank Qualified********** (2)
4.King County - Sewer Revenue Refunding Bonds 2014B(1)
5.Garden City Community College - Finney County, Student Union, Bookstore & Dormitory System Revenue Bonds (1)
Top Issuers
Issue Size ($/000's) Issuer State Sale Date
$879,745 State of Maryland MD 7/21/2014
$722,910 New Mexico Municipal Energy Acquisition Authority NM 7/22/2014
$383,570 Beaverton School District 48J OR 7/22/2014
$300,000 City of Houston TX 7/22/2014
$192,000 East Baton Rouge Sewerage Commission LA 7/23/2014
$164,050 Louisiana Public Facilities Auth LA 7/24/2014
$155,435 Utah County Hospital UT 7/22/2014
Top States (by $ Volume)
State Total Par No. of Issues
MD $917,790,000 2
TX $742,770,000 14
NM $722,910,000 1
OR $383,570,000 1
LA $356,050,000 2
CA $276,185,000 10
WA $252,395,000 2
UT $155,435,000 1
MN $141,325,000 1
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