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Most Viewed Issues
1.New York Liberty Development Corp - (World Trade Center)(3)
2.California Department of Water Resources - Central Valley Project Water System Revenue Bonds Series AS (Refunding)(3)
3.County of Franklin Health and Educational Facilities Board - Refunding And Improvement Bonds (The University Of The South "Sewanee") (3)
4.Public Water Supply District No. 1 - Macon County Waterworks Revenue 2014 (3)
5.County of Miami-Dade - Rickenbacker Causeway Revenue Bonds Series 2014 (1)
Top Issuers
Issue Size ($/000's) Issuer State Sale Date
$1,600,000 New York Liberty Development Corp NY 9/16/2014
$500,000 California Department of Water Resources CA 9/30/2014
$250,000 Commonwealth of of Massachusetts MA 9/17/2014
$160,870 City of Austin TX 8/27/2014
$116,000 City of Bossier LA 8/27/2014
$99,050 Cities of Dallas & Fort Worth International TX 8/27/2014
$95,120 Zionsville Community Schools IN 8/26/2014
Top States (by $ Volume)
State Total Par No. of Issues
NY $1,627,505,000 3
CA $651,955,000 13
TX $551,092,000 11
MA $250,000,000 1
LA $116,000,000 1
IN $95,120,000 1
OH $93,625,000 3
NJ $66,840,000 3
VI $53,000,000 1
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