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Most Viewed Issues
1.Trustees of the California State University - 2016(3)
2.Florida State Board of Administration Finance Corp - Revenue Bonds, Series 2016A (Taxable) (3)
3.Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission - Turnpike Subordinate Revenue Refunding Bonds (3)
4.City of St. Louis - Special Administrative Board Of Transitional School District Refunding Bonds (2)
5.City of Oklahoma City - General Obligation Refunding Bonds (2)
Top Issuers
Issue Size ($/000's) Issuer State Sale Date
$1,200,000 Florida State Board of Administration Finance Corp FL 2/8/2016
$800,000 City of Houston TX 2/9/2016
$750,000 New York City Transitional Finance Authority NY 2/8/2016
$675,000 East Rutherford NJ 1/1/2049
$482,530 Dallas Area Rapid Transit TX 2/4/2016
$365,000 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission PA 2/10/2016
$350,000 New Jersey Sports and Exposition Auth NJ 3/14/2016
Top States (by $ Volume)
State Total Par No. of Issues
TX $1,708,055,000 14
FL $1,280,000,000 3
NJ $1,036,035,000 3
OH $875,690,000 9
NY $783,625,000 4
CA $625,920,000 15
PA $384,565,000 3
MO $259,740,000 5
WI $248,700,000 6
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